#ā8 Meaning

#ā8 #a8 Meaning/Definition -   a sign of artistic support meaning be courāgeous & cre8art (create art)

ΞXΞX is designed to inspire all to be courageous & create art.

#ā8 is a simple symbol of inspiration and support.
It's a sign to keep your head up, stay positive and keep pushing on.
It's also a symbol of appreciation from someone who understands ΞXΞX and supports art, to another.


Be an Artist (#ā8):

"Anyone who always exceeds expectations is an artist.

Never conform to any of the rules,

Learn them well so you can break them masterfully.

Constantly create, pour your soul into it, and cherish life.

Courageously refine your work always seeking a truer truth.

Honestly refine your talent to create a strong connection to creativity.

Works created from this strong connection will inspire.

In the end your goal is to give more than you take.

There is only one true measure of success,

The number of people you inspire." 


-Jake Bertelsen (Owner/Artist Exex.art)


If this resonates with you; we created ΞXΞX for you.
We hope wearing our clothes is meaningful to you.
We hope ΞXΞX inspires you to Exceed Expectations with everything you do.